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Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do. The music, the seven notes, countless combinations and one certainty: Davide and Matteo. Two frontman who, for nine years, have organised events, enlivened parties and entertained town squares, with a 360° service that goes from the lighting set-up, the sound systems and the music itself - live or DJ sets. Never predictable, always entertaining they are the EF GEE BIS.


Best Wedding Songs? Those which Davide and Matteo suggest. Get ready to say your ‘YES I DO’ to the EF GEE BIS and the wedding party will become an event full of fun. An incredible show of lights and sounds, a series of unique musical performances that will accompany all the guests from the first to the last minute of the party.

Live Music

Let the music play! Raise the curtain and the concert starts. Whether it’s the stage of a villa or of a town square, the result is the same; you choose the type of live performance among your favourite artists. You will never listen to boring music, only to true vibes along with top hit tunes.

Dj Set

Last night a DJ saved my life. Perhaps your ‘life’ is a bit too much, but the DJ certainly saves your party. In fact it enhances the evening with a whirl of exceptional sound from the best international DJs. We have a great experience in this field with Discos, Clubs, Parties and Resorts. but we have a greater desire: the one to get people to dance and enjoy it!

The Voice

The voices of your party? Davide, Matteo, Selene, Daniele and Sofia; five voices, five artists - ready to entertain you and involve you in an unique experience. It’s not just a concert, but a real interactive show, where you choose who and what to listen to.

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  • Matteo

  • Arianna

  • Daniele

  • Sofia

Il Matrimonio secondo EF GEE BIS

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